Chime Guide

MDL Chemscape ChimeTM is a 'plug-in' for embedding chemical structures within a Web page. Structures are rendered from input files such as MDL's MolFile or Brookhaven Protein Databank (PDB) files.

Each Chime plug-in is "live"; you can use the mouse to manipulate the structure displayed. To zoom, depress the shift (Macintosh) or shift-left (Windows) key, click and hold the mouse button over the plug-in, then move the mouse. To shift the image laterally, depress the Option Key, click, hold and move the mouse (Macintosh), or click and hold the right mouse button while depressing the control key (Windows). Click and hold on the image to rotate the structure (left button - Windows), or to choose the draw down menu.

You can select a range of options from this menu; for example, atom types can be displayed using Options - Labels. Choosing 'Select - Mouse Click Action - Distance' (In CHIME 2.0) allows you to find the distance between two atoms by clicking on each atom in turn. The distance in angstroms (Å) is displayed in the Status Line at the base of the web page.

A chart of mouse operations for CHIME 2.0 can be found in the pull down menu under Mouse - Open - Mouse Control Help Page